Public Safety Training

The Northern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community. We are proud to provide quarterly Public Safety Quarterly Trainings—an initiative focused on connecting our members to invaluable resources and expertise provided by local public safety agencies.

Our Public Safety Quarterly Trainings serve as a bridge between businesses and local public safety agencies across Northern Lancaster County. By facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing, we aim to empower businesses with the tools, knowledge, and resources needed to enhance safety and resilience in the workplace and beyond.

Key Training Topics Include:

  1. Active Shooter Preparedness: Equip yourself and your team with essential strategies and protocols to respond effectively in the event of an active shooter situation.
  2. Mental Health Awareness: Learn how to recognize signs of mental health issues and implement supportive strategies to promote well-being in the workplace.
  3. Human Trafficking 101: Gain insights into the prevalence of human trafficking, how to identify potential signs, and steps to take if you suspect trafficking activity.
  4. Business Continuity Planning: Develop comprehensive plans to ensure business continuity in the face of unforeseen disruptions or emergencies.
  5. Identifying & Preventing Workplace Aggression: Learn to recognize early warning signs of workplace aggression and implement preventative measures to create a safer work environment.

What to Expect:

Our Public Safety Quarterly Trainings feature presentations by local experts from fire, police, EMS, and other public safety agencies. These sessions provide practical guidance, real-life examples, and interactive discussions to help businesses effectively address safety challenges and mitigate risks.